Sunday, September 12, 2010


I have been actively going through material for my Action Research Project.  My project is to incorporate a web-based tool to teach musical scales. The information I have found has been sketchy but I think I am on the right path.

Turn Up the Music With Digital Technologies (Lamb, Johnson) is a paper about creating music in the classroom and integrating music into your lessons.  This paper has many great links to tools and lessons. This source is a little vague for my project but it has many great links to other great resources.

Educational Applications of Podcasting In The Music Classroom (Kerstetter, 2009) is an article that delves into the use of podcasting to create lessons, student projects, and the publishing aspects of the podcasts.  This pertains directly to my ideas.

Making Scales Mandatory (Bordo, 1994) is an article in The Instrumentalist magazine that hits my main reason for this project.  I am having a hard time accessing the full text.  I have emailed the magazine for access to the article so I can use this important story.

SmartMusic is a program that I use that has inspired me to do this project.   It is a great program but it is memory-intensive and Internet-based.  I am trying to make a system that is web-based but doesn’t need to be connected to the Internet and can operate on any computer from the last 8 years.

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