Thursday, September 23, 2010

BP13_Practical Experience

Dreamweaver.  I am busy watching video instruction on and have over an hour into the 25 hours of instructions and have just learned about the basic structure of the program.  This is deep!  I have sample files to work with, but I have not begun to work them yet (next session).

DreamWeaver Website

I am learning the power of program as well as how to create a new site and setting up the files to hold the structure of my site.  I am also learning the various page styles such as html and aspx. This will be a long process but I persevere!

I also have spent some time on the Dreamweaver website at and they have huge library of training videos too.  I am really getting an (over) abundance of information.  This should help me create some great websites!

I hope in the next installment in my blog I will show fruits from my time spent in training.

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