Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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NPR Music 

      I knew there was a lot of information out there, but I wasn’t ready for the onslaught of information that I started receiving after I subscribed to the feeds I was initially drawn to.
      I am a band director and my AR Project is about creating a web-based program to help teach basic concepts to my students in a self-directed way.  So with this in mind, I first picked the International Journal of Music Education ( for a great source for peer reviewed articles.  The next site I chose that really delivers great information for music teachers is the music education section at (  There are great tips, software solutions and even lesson plans.
     I also found (, a site that really addresses the technical side of music education.  This has been valuable to me in finding solutions that will work for my classroom and the AR Project.  National Public Radio (NPR) has always been my favorite radio station and I have always wanted to check their music site.  I have now subscribed to NPR Music ( and I love it!  It keeps me informed of new music, old music, and all the happenings in the music world in a global view.  Sibelius is a software program that I use to compose and arrange and they have an RSS feed (, which is loaded with great shortcuts, video instruction, and tricks of the trade from leading experts.  I plan on using this program directly for my AR Project.
     I am really excited to learn this efficient way of collected information that’s important to me.  I just need to continue to refine my RSS feeds so I get what I need and don’t get so much that I cannot keep up with the information.

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