Sunday, September 26, 2010

BP14_Practical Experience

In my continuing journey into Dreamweaver, I have found this endeavor has been more difficult and time-consuming than I had first imagined.  After beginning the tutorials, I realized I needed to research more of the basics in Dreamweaver.  I turned to Adobe TV and watch many videos of the basics of web development, CSS, FTP, HTML, and other acronyms.
I have spent years creating websites with Microsoft tools with minimal knowledge of HTML by using the visual tools rather than the code view.

This method worked well for the projects I have worked on.   I am now trying to go farther into the code to understand how everything works.
I know this will take me months, but I am willing to work on this one tutorial at a time.  I should be creating pages in Dreamweaver by mid-October.  I wish this was going to go faster, but I think this will be a project I will be proud when I'm done, and I will have the knowledge and the skills to really develop great websites.

To see the websites I have created using Microsoft Expression, please follow the links below:

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