Sunday, September 12, 2010


I made this commercial to show to band directors the value of this web 2.0 tool


  1. Curt,

    This is an excellent commercial! I hope they said yes. This made me want to teach band just so I can use this tool, and I don't even play an instrument!

    This is a great way to stay connected with all of the students you see and the many parents and families. I am having a harder time with that this year, as I have more children to see this year, due to pulling struggling 2nd grade readers. A tool like this would be more beneficial than my average webpage.

    I am now on a search for a tool similar to this one, thanks to your inspiring presentation. Great job!

  2. Curt,
    This is definitely something I have to send to my daughter's band teacher. My daughter has been in band for three years now and for some reason the band teacher will inform the students spontaneously about a performance. At first I thought it was my daughter but then I found out otherwise. I will be forwarding him the web site address. Maybe he will finally get the hint.