Saturday, September 4, 2010

BP2_iGoogle Screenshots

Ok, do I have enough information coming at me or what? Setting up my iGoogle portal was a lesson in detail work.  Many items had to be added to pull together this comprehensive gateway to my school, work, and personal Internet life.

Home Page

On my home page, I have included Facebook, Gmail, a notepad, my twitter account, and a set of links to my personal websites that include:
  • ·      ischoolband – a Web 2.0 site I use for my bands
  • ·      isaksonWEB – my home site for my family
  • ·      AOL – I am still using AOL as a homepage as I move all my activities to iGoogle
  • ·      Wombats – my rock band’s site where we have photos and a schedule of events,
  • ·      Shelby Bands – my home site for my bands I direct
  • ·      Shelby Schools – this is the place where I work

FSO Page

On my FSO page, I have all the links to connect with Full Sail University.  Full Sail Online, Wimba, my FSO email, and you can’t forget the FSO support link.  I also have my Listy and my Linkedin search engine.

AR Page

On my AR tab I have all the links for my AR Project.  This includes my AR site and various other links suggested by Rena Hanaway including many links to AP style web sites and literature review sites. I am ready to go to work here!

ETC Page

My ETC page is loaded with links and gadgets including:
  • Blogger – my link to my Blogger account for this class
  • Google Reader
  • Box of links which includes 2Web20, most useful web tools, ETC Wiki, my ETC Viddler account, ETC FLickr account, and FSO online.

Now I should be completely linked-up, loaded, and ready to go.

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