Thursday, April 21, 2011

Week4/Blog Response to Everett Jones

Everett Jones wrote:
What an interesting read again.  This book has potential as being effective.  I would suggest that it is a great starter book for motivation.
Wishful thinking, optimistic thinking about giving your spark to others and being receptive to others light and spark is awesome.  Not everyone has that spark that can be seen, so it is our job to show them our spark of kindness and maybe their spark will shine a little brighter for the next person.  We are all conduits of knowledge.  Chapter 9 is very much about this concept of feeding off of each others sparks.
Following chapters:
Keeping our minds open in difficult circumstances to the possibilities of new beginnings or closure may be more ideal.  Negative thinking only places us backwards on the game board.  Let's think positively and place ourselves in a better place forward on the board.
As I've stated in other blogs, everyone has something good about themselves whether it is apparent or not.  WE all possess qualities that can bring out the best in others or in situations.  Do WE always make the better decisions for us?  Not always.  However, when we do make the better decision, WE all benefit in some way.  If not, let's build up another and wait our turn to be built up ourselves.  WE should be in this together.

My Response:
So true. I think (the authors) and you have put this whole book in perspective by discussing the WE factor at the conclusion of this book.
Everything we do in this world is WE related somehow, and we need to keep that in mind in we go we go about in the world.
Without getting too 'self-helpish,' - no, this may not be a word - we need to keep our eyes open, be for the bigger picture, and look beyond your nose.

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