Saturday, April 16, 2011

Week3/Blog #4 My Opinion - Blogs

Blogging is a great way to connect to your classmates and the world, and I really enjoy reading and commenting on many of my friends comments and ideas.  However, one of the issues I have with this venue is the due dates.  I really like to check in on students who I don't have a connection with, and I am constantly having to reply to the classmates  that have completed their assignment early.  I have spent the week checking blogs to find new people to connect to, and I seem to have to reply to the same students over and over again (usually the same ones each week).
I would like to see a different method of assigning due dates for things like this. I know the instructors don't want to restrict or dictate these assignments, but I think I would like to see a more 'micromanaged' timeline. For example:  Tuesday, the main blog is due - Thursday, the reply is due.  This would give all the students access to all the blogs of the week.
This is not a comment on Joe's teaching, but a suggestion for all Full Sail course directors.  This situation has occurred many times over the months.
Thanks for listening!


  1. I agree with you to an extent, Curt. The more we look into a variety of blogs, the more we are exposed to and can learn from. However, I also enjoy checking in on the familiar people that I have been following for months now. Your suggestion would allow both of these methods to continue If you wanted to check out new material it would be available on a given time frame. If you wanted to stick with the same people you could do this as well.

    Great blog! I am sure your ideas are valued and appreciate. I know your thoughts are valued by at least me.

  2. Curt...You are feeling the same frustration I have felt over the past three weeks. I like to be pro-active and get my work done right away, especially since life throws a curve ball every so often that messes up even the best plans. I also would like to be able to comment on more than a few of my classmates after reading their observations and comments. The two don't always mesh, so it seems like I comment on the same people week after week.

    So, I see your suggestion as a valid one, which I hope gets to the course directors and initiates a change. We'll see...

  3. Excellent suggestion... I will definitely think about how we can do this. Those of us, myself included, who are somewhat deadline challenge may chafe under the suggestion, but it is a good idea... thanks. Hmmmm...