Saturday, April 16, 2011

Week3/Blog #3 Response to Dena Moncrief

Dena wrote:

I am actually enjoying reading The Art of Possibility. Sometimes God places things in your life right when you need them and not when you think you need them. This book has been very refreshing. It has helped me to look at situations differently than I have before.
Everybody should be a conductor if we go by the definition in the book. Conductors have the ability to make others powerful. As a teacher, we do exactly the same. We have the power to either be instrumental in someone’s success. You look good when you help to uplift others.
We are also encouraged to lighten up and not take everything so serious. As you lighten up you start looking at things as they are and not from the past. You shouldn’t focus on how wrong things are because it takes away your ability to act effectively. Like stated in previous chapters of this book, thinking positive is the key. When positivity is your primary focus then you tend to look at the glass half full instead of half empty. I am personally dealing with a not so positive situation as we speak. I do see how the more you give attention to problems, the more they escalate. It makes things worse.
My passion in life is to change the way my students/children think about things. I want them to think about making right choices. Not to always follow their peers because even they can mislead them. I want them to carry themselves in a way they can be respected. It is my hope that even if I get through to some that’s enough. 

My Reply:

I agree with your passion, and I believe I have the same.  The longer I teach, the more I realize I am not there to just teach the subject, but to educate my students on much more.  
Opening their eyes to what is proper and what is not, helping them see the possibilities out there, and to inspire and propel them through their life in high school and beyond. I think this so important as educators and as people who care.

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